2010 Solar Installation Growth Rate is going to be above 50% driven by a sharp decline in module prices and excelled government guaranteed above market prices for solar generated electricity .This has also been projected by multiple analysts and research firms . Now an industry heavyweight with its numbers is doing the same. SMA sold  […]

China is recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world due to its low cost of labor and capital coupled with the  pro industry policies of the government.These advantages are now being leveraged by the country to establish leadership in Green Energy which many recognize as the next Big Industry . Despite rhetoric from Obama […]

Technology Wars have erupted between  Technology Titans as the Industry consolidates behind 5-10 Big Global players.One of the strategies in these wars is acquisition of small and mid sized companies ,recent example is HP buying Palm to make an entry into the smartphone segment. The Database/Business Software Market has been dominated by Oracle which has […]

The Technology Wars between Google,Apple,Microsoft ,Nokia and others is getting more intense and interesting by the day.Smartphones is the segment where we are seeing the greatest competition with even non-mobile players like HP (through Palm),Dell and Acer making forceful entries.The market leader Nokia has steadily been losing marketshare to Apple and Google and trying to […]

Apple,Google,and Amazon which earlier used to compete in separate technology segments are now competing head to head with each other in Smartphones,Digital Ebooks,SAAS,Music Players etc. You can see the technology consolidation around five to ten major technology behemoths which are now straddling large parts of the the technology spectrum. Google is bringing its open source […]

US has been a laggard in matters of in the climate mitigation issue compared to   Japan and Europe.They are even having trouble in formulating the bill let alone passing it.News comes from Reuters that a “Climate Bill” that will provide subsidies and support for Nuclear Energy and Oil Drilling may be proposed to the Senate […]