USA cannot have best of both the worlds USA is going bananas with its solar trade policy and seems to have little clue on what to do. The champion of the free markets has been going hammer and tongs against other countries in the solar industry. USA has already imposed tough anti -dumping and countervailing […]

US Solar market sees big time Consolidation Big US installers such as SunRun and Solarcity (SCTY) are rapidly expanding their geographical footprint in the USA by buying other installers and system equipment companies. SunRun has bought REC Solar and other Mainstream Energy companies to expand its base in Colorado. Note mergers and acquisitions by small […]

USA solar company First Solar has been facing issues of its declining solar system backlog even as its solar modules remain non-competitive with crystalline solar modules made by most of the Chinese companies. The company has been profitable during the downturn, thanks to the huge profitable DOE subsidized projects that it won earlier. But as these projects get […]

New Solar Panel Plants in US Small US solar panel maker Silevo Inc. plans to build a solar panel making factory in the US as it looks to capitalize on growing US solar demand. The company has a 32 MW plant in China and plans to expand capacity to 200 MW. Demand in the US grew […]

Kyocera to Shut down its US Manufacturing unit Kyocera Solar is in talks to shut down its manufacturing unit in San Diego in USA. The company wants to shut down its US plant citing there was low demand in this unit.  The company’s PV business is performing very well due to the recent rise in demand […]

US files WTO Protectionist Case against India US filed a case against India for domestic content rules in its solar federal policy despite American company First Solar having captured a majority of the Indian market. It is ironical that USA has filed a WTO case against India and not against France, Italy, Greece and Canada, […]