Sunrun Q2 2016 Results Sunrun Inc (NASDAQ: RUN) installed 65 MW of solar panels in Q2 2016, exceeding its 60 MW target. The full year installation guidance stands in between 270-280 MW, which accounts for a growth of more than 35% from the installation numbers in the last year. This is even higher than that […]

USA Solar Market will boom in 2016 USA could become the biggest country in terms of solar demand in 2016 and may just edge out China, as the country sees a record number of large scale solar installations getting completed this year. Most of these projects were started in 2014-15, with completion date before 2016 […]

USA remains a massive mish mash of policies, regulations and laws related to solar energy. While the news from USA remains great for the solar industry with the recent extension of the ITC till 2019, some states have started to become anti-solar due to utility lobbying. Note the solar industry remains in infancy in USA […]

Solar Costs declining fast in USA It is not a revelation that solar power prices and equipment costs have been dropping sharply over the last 5-6 years all over the world. But the quantum of the drop is a big surprise to almost everybody. A recent NREL study has found out that the solar PPA […]

California faces Utility-Solar dispute Utilities have been fighting hard to stop the onslaught of solar rooftop installations in various parts of the world. In countries like Germany where the green movement is extremely strong and governments are supportive, utilities have seen their business models getting wiped out with billions of dollars in losses. Australia too […]

More Solar jobs in USA President Obama in his recent initiative to boost solar energy, announced 75000 new solar jobs. This will be achieved by a new program to train 75000 Americans for solar jobs by 2020, to be launched by the United States’ Department of Energy. The previous target was 50K. A new program […]