Economics/Geopolitics China reacts meekly to US Solar Panel Anti Dumping Duties Defense Secretary warns of massive cyberattack,calls for Congress to pass stalled bill Jobless Claims fall sharply following Unemployment Rate – Real or Manipulation China lets controlled yuan rise as Presidential Elections near IMF sounds alarm on global economy Chinese microbloggers bring down another corrupt […]

Revised US Duties The US Government has got a complicated way of imposing duties on imported products considered to be receiving unfair subsidies and/or being dumped in US markets. The US Department of Commerce gave its final ruling on imports of Chinese made solar cells on 10th Oct, 2012 after announcing  a preliminary ruling early […]

US based thin film solar panel manufacturer First Solar has captured the lead marketshare in India’s solar panel market. This is quite surprising since First Solar’s competitive position is being eroded globally by Chinese crystalline solar panels which are cheaper and of higher efficiency. In fact First Solar has mostly stopped selling solar panels because […]

Solar Stocks have performed terribly in the past couple of years and have been a very painful experience for long term solar investors. The bad performance has not been restricted to the solar industry but also to other green sectors like wind energy, biofuels, energy storage etc. Only Energy Efficiency has performed relatively better thanks […]

The US state of Georgia is seeing an interesting battle between the dominant utility and a new upstart Georgia Solar Utilities Inc that is proposing to set up an astounding 2 GW of solar power in the state. Note Georgia does not have a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that mandates the utilities in the state […]

USA’s loan grant schemes to green companies have proven to be a massive disaster as proved by the failure of a numerous companies that have been recipients of these loans. While Solyndra has been the media poster boy, there have been others like Abound Solar, A123 Systems and Beacon Power. Now there is a proposal […]