Trina Solar has been a stalwart of the global solar industry, having successfully navigated the violent ups and downs of the industry as it had made rapid progress in decreasing costs and improving the technology. However, it has not been kind to the publicly listed stocks as stiff competition and rapidly decreasing prices have not […]

The Chinese solar giant, Trina Solar, has a huge presence in India, with the company accounting for major solar panel imports into the country. Trina Solar is one of the largest Chinese vertically integrated solar photovoltaic manufacturer in the world founded in 1997. The company manufactures for domestic distribution, captive consumption and also ships to international key […]

Will Trina Solar Go Private? The solar industry is booming all around the world, but solar stocks seem to defy the fact as they do not seem to reflect the same in their movements. We hear a lot about the bright prospects of the solar industry and news stating that solar is poised to become […]

Trina Solar’s Growthco Yieldcos by solar companies have been a big success, despite the recent stock market setback. They have allowed solar players like SunEdison and First Solar to lower their cost of capital for funding large solar power projects. They also allow increased access to capital for developing solar projects, as they unlock capital. […]

TSL Q2 2014 Shipments Trina Solar (TSL) reported a good set of Q2 2014 results, with gross margin at 15.4%. The company’s revenues increased from $ 444.8 million in Q1 2014 to $ 519.4 million in Q 2 2014. However, the shipments soared by 69% in Q2 2014 to 943.3 MW in Q2 2014. Lets […]

Trina and Yingli revise their Q1 2014 shipment projections downward Both Trina Solar (TSL) and Yingli Green Energy (YGE) are big names in the solar industry today. They performed quite well in Q4 2013 with big shipment numbers. While Trina achieved a 2.58 GW shipment, Yingli achieved a target of ~3,234 MW in 2013. Both […]