Even as the solar industry and companies are enjoying sunny times due to the large demand growth in 2014, the debt laden leaders of yesteryears are still going through their death throes. LDK Solar and Suntech used to be the largest companies in their respective solar manufacturing segments. However, these companies were rashly managed, with […]

Suntech Liquidating Suntech which is the largest solar bankruptcy case in China is slowly shutting down. After its main operating subsidiary Wuxi Suntech was declared insolvent, there was little hope of survival for the main listed company in the USA. Now the Caymans holding company is also going through liquidation proceedings and it is likely to […]

Suntech has been the poster child of Chinese solar failure after the company stopped bond payments earlier this year and its top management was unceremoniously shown the door. Suntech has been the first major bankruptcy in China, as the companies do not usually fail in China’s state managed capitalist economy. The company had a massive […]

Suntech – Sequence of Events leading it to the current State Suntech (STP) is the company known for its massive management blunders and huge losses since 2010. Suntech was in news again in October 2012, after top managers exit despite restructuring by UBS. The hiring of top investment bank UBS to restructure its debt also did not help […]

The Unpredictable Solar Industry There was news two days earlier that US and Europe may strike a deal with China, in order to prevent the solar trade wars. The deal would envisage that the Chinese manufacturers could keep the prices of the solar panels exported high while keeping the number of shipments in a limit. […]

Positive Solar Market Reaction following JASO The solar stocks have been very volatile. It is very difficult investing in this sector, because the sector has become very unpredictable lately. The company which was big not a year ago, went bankrupt today (Q-Cells) and the company which was on the verge of getting bankrupt can see […]