Will Sunpower survive? Sunpower used to be a world leader in the production of solar panels despite using a non-standard technology on n-type monocrystalline which is more expensive to manufacture but gives the highest efficiency amongst silicon made solar panels. However, the company was not able to keep up with the drastic cost reductions being […]

Sunpower to Reduce Total Manufacturing Capacity to 1-1.5 GW Sunpower is one of the largest solar cell and module manufacturers in the world and one of the few remaining Western solar manufacturers. This company has survived a couple of major industry downturns, despite its costs being higher than the a typical solar panel made by a […]

SunPower Q1’16 Results SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) reported its Q1’16 results last week. The company known for its high efficiency panels, reported a good execution across all segments. The last quarter of 2015 was also marked by strong execution, as a number of projects were completed earlier than expected. SunPower has an impressive project pipeline and confirms […]

SunPower acquires SolarBridge Solar companies continue to expand into different areas as the industry moves more and more into an energy providing service, rather than product sales. Some of the solar panel companies such as Renesola (SOL) already sell mounting systems, microinverters etc. Now others such as SunPower (SPWR) are too moving into the BOS […]

Residential solar rooftop systems are proliferating in USA and Australia and 10% of all rooftops in Australia already boast of a rooftop solar system. But almost all systems are connected to the grid without energy storage. They have to rely on the electricity grid during the times when the sun is not shining. This has […]

Residential Storage Systems by SunPower Residential solar is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Consumers now know the benefit of using solar energy as their source of energy, since it is freely available and is environment friendly. Not only that it is also more economical than the electricity. SunPower (SPWR) which is amongst the […]