The world’s Largest Technology company by Market Cap,Apple has decided to follow the Green Trend recently filing Two patents related to Solar Energy powering  Electronic Products.Apple known for its blockbuster consumer electronics products like the iPad,iPhone and the iPod plans to use Solar Cells both in touch displays that most of its products use as […]

Technology has consolidated around 5-10 big players around the world who are gobbling up smaller companies and using their huge cash hoards to outspend the competition.Nothing reflects this better than Samsung’s massive capital spending plan this year.With a dominant share in the memory and LCD markets , Samsung with its huge capex spend this year […]

Investing in Green stocks  is fraught with a lot of risk due to the following factors The demand and supply can fluctuate a lot as the industry is new and largely dependent on government subsidies Technological innovations can make the business models off companies redundant Unlike Dotcoms,green investments are capital intensive which makes it difficult […]

Samsung has started taking baby steps into the green business while signaling big intentions about growth and investment.The Company sees most of the future growth to be driven by clean technology,while noting that some the areas where it is dominant in might not exist at all in the future.It  already has existing small business lines […]

Nokia’s trajectory  has been going downhill from the peak reached when Motorola nearly self destructed. Now it looks that Nokia is following the same path as the other old mobile handset makers like Siemens,Sony Ericsson,Motorola and others.Though it still commands an impressive 36% marketshare of the world mobile market,that has been steadily coming down.More importantly […]