Indian Smart Cities The Indian Government is not short of ideas though execution on most of the infrastructure projects is quite pathetic. With most infrastructure companies showing losses and burdened by huge debt loads, it remains to be seen how 50% of the coming $1 trillion infrastructure investment, will be financed by the private sector. […]

India’s Tata Group company Tata Chemicals is setting up a 60 MW Waste to Energy plant in UK in partnership with one of Europe’s biggest utilities E.On. The company will set up the waste to energy plant at a mothballed coal power plant site and will use solid industrial and municipal waste as fuel for […]

Solar Rooftops Gujarat which has been a trailblazer in installing solar energy in India has once again shown the way in distributed rooftop solar generation. Note Greenworldinvestor has been constantly advocating that rooftop small solar plants should be given preference over large solar ground mounted farms. Now it seems that Gujarat which has installed a […]

GBI to be Reintroduced in India The Indian Wind Industry has been facing problems in 2012 and installations have fallen off sharply as two of the most popular subsidies have been taken away by the Government in March 2012. This coupled with local factors particularly in the biggest market of Tamil Nadu has taken the […]

Indian Retail Stores Go Solar Solar arrays are soon going to be seen on major retail chain rooftops in India as high electricity costs have forced retail chain owners to radically change their energy consumption and production strategy. Electricity has become the 3rd largest cost for retailers in India as the Government has imposed a […]

Solar Water Heaters in India – 20 already account for 30% of the total water heating market in the country and are growing at a good pace of 15% annually. The reason for the large marketshare of SWHs is that they are economically viable compared to normal electric water heaters. Given the rising prices of […]