Solar Power in India As a tropically located country, India is endowed with vast solar energy potential. With about 5,000 trillion kilo-watt hour (kWh) per year, energy is incident over India’s land area with most parts receiving 4-7 kWh per sq. meter per day. Therefore both technological routes for conversion of solar radiation into electricity […]

Desalination in India The Desalination Industry in India is in a bad state, with India’s first big desalination plant in the southern state of Tamil Nadu shutting down after just 2 years of operation. The first plant built on a PPP basis remains mired in conflict between the owners IVRCL and the Government. While China […]

New Solar Energy Policy in Tamil Nadu India’s electricity woes are known to Greenworldinvestor as we have been repeatedly highlighting the massive deficits suffered by individual states particularly in the southern India. Now these states are turning to solar power to alleviate some of their electricity issues. Andhra Pradesh’s solar policy which was enacted a […]

FDI in Retail- A boon or a bane Before starting with the Indian Retail Industry and the FDI policy in Retail Industry let us first answer one very simple question What is Retail Industry Retail Industry as the word describes deals with the Retail sector which includes the sales of goods and merchandise from a […]

Bottleneck in Biomass Power Development India is predominantly an agricultural economy. The estimated food grain production in India in 2011-12 is estimated as a little over 250 MT (Source: PIB). Since biomass energy is primarily derived from the agricultural waste, this sanctify India with huge potential for Biomass power generation. However reality eludes this. The growing O&M costs and […]

Solar Energy to Reduce Electricity Subsidy India’s state of Punjab is looking towards solar and biomass energy to reduce its massive electricity subsidy burden. Punjab is one of India’s top agricultural producing states where farmers are highly pampered by all political parties. Supplying free electricity for powering pumps for drawing water has been a state […]