Gujarat has the most amount of solar energy plants installed in India due to a very supportive state government. The government has managed to boost solar capacity tremendously without breaking the bank. This has made other states realize the importance of solar energy and now several states like TN, Andhra Pradesh are looking to install […]

India and Global Economy The mood of the global economy is better currently, as compared to the previous years. If the entire euro zone is taken into consideration, the financial market looks stable currently. There is a need for the government to find ways of working in a more coordinated manner, to sought a balance […]

Indian Telecom Industry 929 million – the number of subscribers, the Indian telecom sector has achieved to become one of the major indicators of and contributors to the economic growth of India. Indian telecom sector is one of the fastest growing telecom sectors in the world, with over 16 million subscribers being added every month. […]

Amendment in Banking Laws The Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 is an importance milestone in the banking industry and it is expected to reap long term profit for the sector and for the economy as well. The bill has taken into consideration the importance of financial reforms which is the need of hour for the […]

The Indian Economy in 1947-91 The Indian economy was primarily an agrarian economy post independence era, with a major chunk of its GDP coming from Agriculture sector and least coming from the services industry. With the LPG policy coming into effect in 1991, the Indian economy was made an open economy, unlike the era 1947-91. […]

We had earlier written about how the Tamil Nadu solar energy policy is a game changer for demand in India. TN has become the second state in India after Gujarat, to really push for solar energy growth. The state has set a target of 1 GW each year with most of the funding to be […]