India – Green IPO Green stocks have not really set the Indian stock market on fire, with most going into bankruptcy (called CDR in India, as there is no good bankruptcy law). This has been the case in most global markets as well, though there are some green success stories out there such as Tesla, […]

Two Green IPOs in India – Ind Eco Ventures and Inox Wind The Indian stock market has been languishing in the last couple of years with retail investors abandoning the markets, ruled by fraudsters and scamsters. The earnings by the companies have also been weak as the economy limps along at a 5% GDP growth […]

Renewable Energy Companies have started going public in a big way in the last 5 years as the Wind Industry has gone by around 30% CAGR in the last 10 years and the Solar Industry has grown by 50% CAGR.Both these industries have seen investments of more than $70 billion each in 2010.Solar companies which did not exist in public stock markets before 2006 have seen over 100 listings in the last 5 years in different stock exchanges around the world.Wind Industry which has been around much longer has not seen a lot of listings in the last 5 years as most of the companies are already listed.However a number of Chinese companies which have seen spectacular growth driven by the 100% growth per annum in the Chinese market have seen a number of listings.Other Renewable Energy companies have not been that prolific in public IPOs,though a number of clean technology companies have listed in the NASDAQ Market like Amyris,Tesla,Zipcars,A123 Systems and have gotten a good response.However for Renewable Energy Companies the USA Stock Markets have not proven very receptive in the last couple of years after seeing a boom of Chinese Solar Company listings.So which is the best stock market and the worst stock market to list if you are a Renewable Energy CFO?

Algae Based Biofuels have been hyped in the media as a potential panacea to our Crude Oil based Transportation problems. Algae Based Biofuels as a Green Investing Opportunity is still some years away as the technology is still quite nascent.Despite a lot of hoopla and a number of IPO’s with synthetic biofuels as business,large scale commercial production and profits are still some time away.However the promise of this technology to revolutionize the Fossil Fuel powered Transportation Sector is Huge.Large Oil and Gas is already positioning itself in a small way to take advantage of this opportunity.Shell has been the biggest investor in Biofuels with a $12 Billion tie up with Brazilian Sugar Giant Cosan.The advantages of Algae Biofuels are being propagated by strong backers like Bill Gates ,Rockefeller family and Exxon Mobil.The main advantages of algae based biofuels are Efficient Land Usage,Reduction in Global Warming affect and ability to be directly used in vehicles and aircraft.However Algae Biofuel Technology is still quite immature despite startups like Solazyme,Algenol,Sapphire Energy and Synthetic Genomics having made impressive strides.

Asset Financing for utility grade projects accounted for $128 billion while a substantial amount was also raised for Green IPOs notably Enel Green Power,Goldwind,Datang,Longyuan etc.The figure does not include M&A figures not that there were any big bang acquisitions though a number of M&A activities took place in the Smart Grid space.Government individually ramped up the subsidies for Green Industries despite a failure to arrive at a meaningful global agreement to reduce carbon emissions in the Copenhagen Meet.Most of the investments tool place as countries increasingly jockey for the top spot in the emerging Green Industry.Conglomerates like Samsung,GE,Mitsubishi,Siemens have made Green Industry the focus of their management focus and investment leading to the astounding 39% growth.Note Green Advocates have said that $500 billion in annual investments will be required by 2020 to restrict carbon emissions to a tolerable level.

Utilities trying to spinoff their Renewable Energy Subsidiaries have faced a very tough 2011 with many of the plans being scrapped.The Utilities which have managed to list have done so at much reduced valuations and have seen their stock prices erode after listing.Enel Green Power which was the biggest Green Utility to IPO in 2010 managed to to so after massive delays and lowering its stock price 2 times.Orient Green Power in Indian and First Wind Holdings of USA which were pureplay Green Utilities also saw very tough times with First Wind being forced to scrap its capital raising plans.China’s Datang and Huaneng Group which were planning to list their Green Subsidiaries in Hong Kong for a long time faced a big question as well.Both these large state owned utilities have huge wind power assets which are forecast to grow at a tremendous rate over the next decade.The prospects are good for both these green utilities as wind turbine prices have been falling as a result of sharp competition amongst WTG companies in China such as Ming Yang Power.