General Electric being Smart in its Chinese Expansion

General Electric is looking to Invest Heavily in the new Age Green Industry like other Industrial Giants like Siemens,ABB etc.Having a Local Partner is a Huge Advantage since almost the whole of the Chinese Wind Industry is controlled by Chinese SOEs who favor local companies over foreign ones.EU and Japan have protested against discrimination over their domestic firms but not to much avail.GE is trying to circumvent the Discrimination Problem by giving a majority stake of 51% to Harbin Electric Machinery (HEC).However the Going will not be Easy for GE which is a Global Wind Market Leader because Competition is intensifying in the Chinese Market.Ming Yang Wind Power is looking to expand six fold to take advantage of the Growth in Chinese Wind Energy.Other Companies are doing the same.

ote Nuclear Energy is seeing a Renaissance after being in cold storage for the last 2 decades.China and India have been in the lead signing contracts to build several Tens of Gigawatts of Nuclear Power.Enrichment of Nuclear Fuel which is a crucial component of making Nuclear Weapons will not be done in Vietnam.Many countries are forgoing this right to access Nuclear Technology.

China has recently come under strong criticism for unfairly treatment foreign companies.While MNCs are looking towards China as a source of growth ,Chinese are only interested in Technology that these companies offer.Rules and regulations are such that foreign companies are forced to tie up and share technology with local partners.This inevitably leads to local partners going on their own and competing with the same companies they got their technology from.China’s Wind Energy Industry is a testament of this fact

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , the massive Japanese Conglomerate is looking to overseas market for growing its Wind Energy Division.Mitsubishi like other Japanese companies are looking towards Green Industry for growth.Japan already possesses solid strengths in this area with its traditional focus on resource efficiency.While companies like Panansonic and Toyotal looks towards Electric Vehicles and Batteries,Sharp […]

General Electric or GE as it is popularly known is one of the biggest players in the Green Industry globally.It generated $18 billion in Ecomagination revenues in 2009 with $1.5 Billion in Investment.General Electric like other industrial conglomerates like Siemens,Areva and others are in fact low risk plays in the Green Investing sector.GE is strong […]

China increasingly difficult for Foreign Companies to Operate in China is becoming an increasingly difficult place for foreign companies to operate in.GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt voiced his growing frustration with Chinese policies with Google also facing new restrictions.While the US is trying to access the growing Chinese market for their products,China is only interested in […]