Longi Has A Huge Lead In Technology And Profits Long Silicon Materials along with its subsidiary Lerri Solar has become the world’s most profitable solar panel maker overtaking established companies such as Trina, Jinko and Canadian solar. The company which started out mainly as a maker of low-cost, monocrystalline wafer and ingot producer has subsequently expanded […]

GCL which is the world’s largest producer of polysilicon with a capacity of more than 70,000 tons per year is set to become even bigger after it buys SunEdison’s polysilicon plant and technology. GCL will also receive SunEdison’s proprietary wafer technology which it can develop further. GCL also owns 30% of the world’s wafer capacity […]

GCL acquires SunEdison’s Poly Assets Polysilicon and wafer giant GCL Poly has made an extremely smart move by buying up SunEdison’s polysilicon assets and its poly and wafer technology for a bargain price of just $150 million. GCL is already the planet’s largest producer of polysilicon and wafers with a more than 30% global marketshare. […]

High Efficiency Solar Cells from GCL Poly Polysilicon and solar wafer giant GCL Poly has been aggressively moving into the solar cell and panel making space. It shipped more than 3 GW of solar panels last year, making it a top 10 solar panel player. It has grown capacity both through brownfield and greenfield approaches. […]

GCL Poly Solar Panels The world’s largest solar polysilicon and wafer maker is GCL Poly, with 70,000 tons of poly and 14 GW of wafer capacity. The company extended its dominance in solar module and cell manufacturing by acquiring a controlling stake in Chaori Solar after Chaori Solar underwent the first bond default in China. GCL-New […]

Polysilicon prices set to rise We at Greenworldinvestor have become bullish on polysilicon companies because low prices have made major producers stall capacity growth, even as global demand for solar panels continues to grow in double digits. Polysilicon prices are languishing at $12-15/kg in the past 6 months, leading to bare minimum profits for most […]