Polysilicon Prices The prices of polysilicon have gone up a bit in the last few months as poly producers have sharply reduced utilization to 50% or lower. With prices at $15/kg and costs of $30/kg, many of the smaller poly producers have just shut shop and left the industry. However the bigger players which account […]

2013 a Better Year for Solar Solar demand in 2012 slowed down to just 5% after a 40-50% CAGR over the last decade. The slowdown was inevitable as solar demand was a massive 30 GW in 2012 compared to just 8 GW in 2008. Europe which was the principal driver of growth has slowed down […]

Suntech, China The world’s largest solar panel company in 2011 now faces possible closure as it does not have money to pay the convertible bond due in March 2013. Suntech has been one of the worst managed solar companies despite its initial advantage and size. The company has made numerous mistakes over the years. The […]

Bond Default by Chaori Solar, China We have heard of numerous Chinese Government bailouts, in case of defaults by the Chinese Solar companies. However, there is news of the first ever country’s bond default by another Chinese Solar company, Chaori Solar. The Chinese Government has intervened once again asking Chaori Solar’s bank for deferment of […]

China to instal 10GW of Solar capacity in 2013 The latest buzz in the solar industry is that China plans to instal 10 gigawatts (GW) of solar power capacity in 2013. If China is successful in achieving this target, it gets very close to completion of installment of its previously set goal of 21 G […]

The Chinese solar panel industry has become dominant through a mix of strong government support, aggressive expansion, billions of cheap finance from state owned banks and low costs. However this has angered other countries where hundreds of solar companies have gone bankrupt unable to fight against the low costs of cheap Chinese made solar modules. […]