China emphasizes on Distributed Solar now China is going to push rooftop solar generation, which is falling behind utility solar generation. Most countries which have seen massive solar installations such as Germany, Spain etc. have started to give subsidies to rooftop distributed solar generation only. This is because giant solar farms reward only the large […]

Chinese solar companies are benefiting hugely from the Chinese government’s decision to install 35 GW of solar power by 2015. China is going to install around 8-10 GW this year, with the 2014 target of 12 GW. The state run utilities as well as large solar companies in China are going on a development spree […]

Shungfeng to install 10 GW of Solar Capacity by 2015 The Chinese company Shungfeng has been shortlisted for buying over the solar manufacturing assets of Suntech. Shungfeng is listed on the HK stock exchange and was a minor renewable energy player till it made a bid for Suntech. Note Suntech used to be the largest […]

China’s solar industry has been making huge losses for the past 2 years and despite improvement in fundamentals this year, most companies are still in the red. The Chinese solar industry has been successful in terms of marketshare, where it has captured almost 60-70% of the global solar market decimating foregoing competition through sheer cost […]

Subsidies and Low Labor cost not the reason for Chinese Solar Competitiveness NREL and MIT don’t think that low wage costs and generous subsidies are driving the Chinese advantage in solar panel manufacturing. They think that the massive scale of Chinese silicon panel factories is the main reason for their competitiveness. NREL thinks that the […]

The Chinese try to revive its zombie companies The Chinese solar stocks cannot stop increasing in value as the government pulls out all stops in trying to stem the bankruptcies happening in the heavily oversupplied industry. The Chinese State Council has raised the solar target to a gargantuan 35 GW by 2015 as it looks […]