China faces grid problems in Solar China has been the leader in installing solar power over the last 2 years taking over the mantle from Germany, which has considerably lowered its solar power capacity additions. Germany is already saturated with solar energy and has drastically reduced subsidies given for solar power generation. Most of the […]

Declining Price Trend in Real Estate The price of both Chinese and Indian real estate have started to decline over the last year. While Indian real estate prices are showing as stagnant, prices in the ultra-luxury space in Delhi and Mumbai have fallen by 20-30%. Note real estate transactions in India are opaque and the […]

China Solar Panel marketshare increases to 70% China has increased its dominance in the global solar industry, with the marketshare of its domestic solar panel makers now at 70%. Its marketshare of wafers is even greater at 76%, as the Chinese firms dominate all parts of the solar supply chain. The only part where it […]

China Solar 2014 China the leading solar hub have set new records in the last year, 2014. The country produced the largest quantities of solar products and achieved new efficiency and capacity levels in the last year. The country which houses the leading solar companies today globally, is now set to install another 15 GW […]

Apple and SunPower to build solar plants in China The technological giant Apple makes another move towards solar energy. The company is thinking of supporting the construction of solar projects in China with SunPower Corp. Almost all of Apple’s data centers are powered by renewable energy. Recently Apple also joined hands with First Solar investing […]

Polysilicon Prices Since the imposition of anti-dumping duties on polysilicon imported from Europe, USA and South Korea by China, the polysilicon has become cheaper elsewhere. The suppliers have lowered the polysilicon prices, as a result of rise in their inventory levels. These duties came after the USA imposing duties on solar panels imports from China […]