Overcapacity in China The Chinese government has been trying to reduce overinvestment and overcapacity in a wide range of industries such as steel, shipbuilding, wind turbines, solar panel etc. since a very long time. However, most of its grand schemes have come to a naught, as the local governments keep up propping local companies despite […]

Chinese Solar Inverter industry set to grow China has managed to become the dominant manufacturer of solar wafers to panels in the world, with a market share of more than 60%. The country made massive investments into this new green technology and went from around 0% in 2007 to its leading position now. Even solar […]

China Wind Installation 2015 China installed a gargantuan 30 GW of wind energy capacity in 2015, as it became the world’s largest wind energy producer. Europe which is regarded as the bastion of the green energy movement, has now got less wind energy capacity at China which has almost 150 GW of cumulative wind capacity […]

Higher Efficiency Solar Companies to survive in China China is the world’s largest solar market with more than 16 GW of solar installation in 2015. The country which has the world’s largest solar manufacturing industry with most of the top 10 solar panel makers located in the country, is trying to reduce overcapacity and weed […]

Even as major Chinese solar companies go bankrupt or liquidate, new Chinese groups are aggressively expanding capacity in the solar value chain driven by China’s massive demand of 15-20 GW a year. The latest company to join the fray is Tongwei Group which is planning a 5 GW solar cell capacity, after taking over LDK’s […]

IPO of a Chinese Solar company in USA A Chinese company plans to do a $300 million IPO in USA. The company known as Solar Power Inc. (what an inventive name) started operations in 2015 and its main business model is to build solar power plants using a crowd sourcing model. The business is based […]