China Solar China is set to become the 2nd largest solar energy market in the world in 2012 from being a fringe player in 2011. This is due to strong support being given by the Chinese Government to bolster its bleeding solar industry where stalwarts like LDK and Suntech are living on government life support. […]

China keeps coming out with new ways to protect its beleaguered solar panel industry which is facing the wrath of the Western governments. Note China exports more than $30 billion of solar modules to Europe and USA. China has already launched two internal probes in response to the anti dumping and CVD duties by USA […]

China has launched another probe into dumping of solar products, this time against Europe. Note China had earlier started investigation of dumping of solar raw material by Korean and US companies. However that probe is still ongoing despite US having imposed high CVD and AD duties on imports of Chinese made solar cells and panels. […]

China’s CDB to give 10 billion Yuan to Sky Solar Cheap capital is one of the strongest competitive advantages for a solar developer given the capital intensity of a big solar project where a 1% difference in interest rates can change the IRR of a solar project quite dramatically. Chinese solar companies have benefited in […]

Two Emerging Nuclear Giants – India & China The Fukushima disaster in Japan involving the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant had bought a nuclear winter for the global nuclear energy industry. Many of the top nuclear countries like Japan and Germany have put a complete halt of nuclear power generation while the biggest nuclear equipment suppliers […]

China’s Solar Industry which accounts for more than 60% of the global solar shipments is in deep trouble. The industry expanded far more rapidly than demand could grow as local governments supported the companies with massive amounts of land and capital. This was done primarily as the solar industry had green credentials and was looked […]