CSIQ to cut capacity expansion The oversupply which has hit the industry hard and fast has made a number of solar panel companies revise their plans for expansion of solar panel capacity, which they had planned for 2016. First Solar has already announced that they would not go ahead with the increase in solar panel […]

Canadian Solar is a good investment option Canadian Solar (CSIQ) gave its Q1 2015 results, in which the company beat its own guidance on many fronts. Given the company’s outstanding performance in the past, solid project pipeline and widespread geographical presence, I think it’s a good bet in the solar industry. 1) Shipment and Revenues […]

Anti-dumping duties on Canadian Solar Canadian Solar was amongst the top 3 solar companies by revenue and profits in 2014. Canadian Solar has shipped more than 10 GW of solar modules and developed more than 1.4 GW of solar plants globally. The company is headquartered in Canada, but has most of its manufacturing in China. […]

Upto 1GW of Solar Parks in India Canadian Solar’s JV Sarus Solar is now planning expansion into India. The firm has plans to set up solar parks in the country. Canadian Solar had set up a JV called Sarus Solar with an EPC contractor Guycan Solar and investor Mackie Research Capital Corp. to expand business […]

Canadian Solar to expand Solar Capacity Top Tier 1 Chinese solar producers are starting to expand capacity, as solar demand has begun growing faster than the stagnant supply. The massive solar downturn in 2012 had resulted in a complete stop in solar capacity expansions, as more than 60 GW of solar panel capacity tried to […]

Canadian Solar is a vertically integrated company, providing ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules, solar power systems and specialized solar products. Headquartered in Canada, the company has factories in China and Ontario with wide customer base covering over 50 countries. Canadian Solar also offers customized PV products and OEM service around the world. The company sells panels at quite cheap prices. Solar […]