UN’s CDM panel which decides on the eligibility of projects under this scheme has come under criticism for being too lenient in approving projects.It has been said that these projects sometimes lead to more emissions defeating the very purpose of this scheme.The Panel has become more discerning and has rejected around 50 Wind Projects in China because they were thought to be profitable even without these credits.

A huge 2640 MW coal plant has received a major jolt after its environment clearance was rejected by he National Environmental Appellate Authority (NEAA).This plant which is supposed to come up in Srikakulam district in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.This rejection comes after massive protests organized by local fishermen and farmers whose livelihood is […]

US Export Import Bank (Exim) is a government owned financial institution which helps support US trade through credit financing of exports/imports of US companies.The Bank is also an instrument of US government policy which supports renewable energy and acts against climate change.However its recent policy actions have been criticized heavily by environmental groups for supporting […]

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL),one of India’s biggest private sector Steel companies is looking to build a Rs 42000 crore ( ~$10 billion) Coal to Liquid (CTL) project in India’ eastern state of Orissa.Note JSPL is headed by Naveen Jindal who is also a leader of India’s ruling Congress party.This CTL plant will be […]

India-China Economic Growth leads to sharp increase in GHG Emissions The 21st Century is said to be a China-India Century with these Large Asian economies expected to dominate the world through their fast growing economics and large sizes.Their economic development has led to a rapid increase in Global GHG Emissions making China the world’s largest […]

Fossil Fuels form the main Energy source forĀ  humanity due to their abundance,general ease of extraction and high energy density.However the Environmental costs and the Loss of Lives behind their production is generally hidden from the public.The external costs of fossil fuels like Oil and Coal are very high and not explicitly paid by customers […]