Bosch started out into the Solar Energy field by making a very expensive acquisition of a Tier 2 German solar company Ersol in 2008 for Euro 1.1 billion.Bosch paid a premium of 60% for buying out Ersol which was a manufacturer of wafers,cells and modules.The company paid a very price to buy Ersol which was a jack of all trades kind of solar company without any substantial competitive advantages.Bosch had set a target of Euro 750 million from renewable energy (don’t know whether they met it ).Bosch made a bad decision because at the current stock prices it can buy almost the entire German solar panel manufacturing sector for Euro 1.1 billion.Its doubtful that Ersol would have survived the current solar panel downturn and was extremely lucky to get bought by Bosch for that price.The company also bought two other small German solar companies at expensive valuations Aleo Solar and Johana Solar (a thin film solar panel producer).It could have similarly bought these companies or even better companies at much cheaper prices.