GWI had written that the Indian Wind Power Industry is facing problems in 2012 and there is a possibility that new wind capacity could fall by 66% in 2012 as compared to the record breaking 2011. The Indian Wind Power Association (IWTA) representing 1350 companies has written a letter to India’s PM asking for reinstating […]

India’s Green Companies are seeing tremendous growth backed by the nation’s massive energy demand increase. However, it is a known fact that India’s power situation is abysmal, with both the supply and quality of electricity being quite pathetic in most parts of the country. India’s power generation companies are hampered by lack of land, fuel, […]

The Indian Solar Electricity generating industry has mainly been funded by the auction mechanism at the federal and state level. The solar generators get their electricity dues from the distributors based on a PPA signed between them for a fixed rate for a fixed tenure. Another way  for small scale projects to get funding was […]