What are Sovereign Gold Bonds? Sovereign Gold Bonds are bonds issued by the government and backed by gold. They are available in denominations of 2, 5, and 10 grams of gold and have a tenure of 8 years. These bonds can be bought and sold on exchanges and are a good way to invest in gold […]

Gold is one of the most liquid financial investments that can be sold across any counter. It is a no-frills investment. About 65% of the Indian population in rural areas prefer gold as an investment as availability is much easier rather than investing through banks or other financial institutions. Also, ~80% of gold demand in India […]

Gold Investment in India Despite the increasing trade deficit, India continues to import huge quantities of gold because Indians have a preference for physical gold. Gold is regarded as safe haven globally and provides much-needed cushioning especially during times of market volatility and distressing financial conditions. The Indian government’s Sovereign Gold Bond (introduced in 2015) […]