Solarworld headed towards Bankruptcy Solarworld the German firm which used to be one of the largest solar panel producers in 2008 has become a shadow of its former self. While many of its peers have gone bankrupt (Q-Cells) or been bought over by Asian companies (REC), Solarworld continues in its merry ways of destroying value […]

A large section of the German solar industry has already shut down or been bought for pennies to the dollar by Asian conglomerates such as Hanergy, LDK Solar and others. The remaining companies are also on the brink of collapse as they are not competitive with the super cheap low prices being charged by Chinese […]

I recently wrote about the rising solar panel defects noticed in the solar industry. There have been recent incidents that talk about the faulty solar modules and their installation. It will not be incorrect to say that there has been a quality crisis in the $77 billion solar industry. Now Solarworld has urged the solar industry […]

The Eu-China Trade War We have been writing continuously about the global solar trade wars, covering all the countries involved. Europe started the biggest anti dumping case against China. The German solar panel maker Solarworld, complained against super cheap imports of solar modules from China to the EU worth 21 billion euros, under a group called ProSun. The EU-China solar spat […]

Solarworld to Sell itself Solarworld is on the brink of collapse and is looking to sell itself. I have remained quite critical of Solarworld’s prospects in the past and had even said that CEO Asbeck will never get a salary. Solar manufacturing in western factories has become impossible due to the cut throat competition from […]

Solarworld Solarworld, which is one of the largest European solar companies surviving the current downturn, is in a bad shape. The company faces a large debt load which it cannot repay because of continuing losses. Despite its leadership role in getting duties imposted on imports of Chinese solar panels, the company has not benefited as […]