US based thin film solar panel manufacturer First Solar has captured the lead marketshare in India’s solar panel market. This is quite surprising since First Solar’s competitive position is being eroded globally by Chinese crystalline solar panels which are cheaper and of higher efficiency. In fact First Solar has mostly stopped selling solar panels because […]

Solar subsidies in general have always been a boom and a bust story with very few countries managing to get it right. In Europe, in particular the feed in tariffs given by the Government to promote solar have always resulted in massive booms. This has strained the Government exchequer forcing it to take drastic measure […]

Solar Power in Queensland, Australia When you talk about solar energy, most of the world’s attention is directed towards Germany which has installed an incredible 7 GW of solar power for the last three years. However people don’t know that a massive solar boom in Australia has dramatically changed the power dynamics in the country. […]