Solar Stocks have declined quite precipitously from the peaks reached in 2008 and a number of the top guns of that time are flirting with pennydom. After a boom in solar installations and prices in 2010, the last two years have been cruel to the whole solar sector. The biggest solar cell company in 2008 […]

The biggest solar inverter company SMA Solar gave a startling forecast of an annual loss in 2013 catching the investors by surprise. Note greenworldinvestor has already predicted that SMA Solar faces dire problems as its loses market share and margins to low priced Chinese competition. Will SMA Solar Die like Q-Cells and Centrotherm as Chinese […]

Renewable Energy Corporation used to be the world’s largest supplier of polysilicon, to solar panel companies just 3-4 years ago. The company, which earned eye popping revenues and profits when polysilicon prices ruled at $400/kg, is now facing survival questions like many of its western peers. Q-Cells which used to be the largest solar cell […]