Investing in Solar Industry Today Solar installations in USA is growing fast, with IHS predicting 15GW of USA solar installations in 2016. Even during the last year, USA achieved a record 7.3 GW installations. This is enough to power more than 5 million homes. Developing countries like India is also targeting to achieve 100 GW […]

Subsidies and Low Labor cost not the reason for Chinese Solar Competitiveness NREL and MIT don’t think that low wage costs and generous subsidies are driving the Chinese advantage in solar panel manufacturing. They think that the massive scale of Chinese silicon panel factories is the main reason for their competitiveness. NREL thinks that the […]

Slowdown in the Indian Solar Industry The India solar growth story is sputtering, with only 1500 MW of solar capacity getting installed till date. The main growth drivers – Gujarat and JNNSM have become pale shadows of themselves. Gujarat which is India’s solar shining star is facing a problem of overcapacity. The state has installed […]

SunEdison to sell its Semiconductor Division SunEdison¬†Inc. (SUNE) the US based solar and semiconductor company is going to spin off its semiconductor division to focus solely on solar power. The company has come a long way in its solar journey. SunEdision which was earlier known as MEMC produced silicon wafers solely for the semiconductor industry […]

One of the main reasons for India’s current economic issues is the total absence of decent leadership in the country. The country’s politicians are so busy in corruption that they can’t think or plan anything. This has led to the situation where massive imports have led to a total collapse in the domestic currency. Despite […]

Komax to exit Solar Market The Europeans have been abandoning the solar market in increasing numbers in the last 2 years. The European solar companies dominated the whole solar industry supply chain. Now only a few European companies are surviving while none of them are thriving. Q-Cells the largest solar cell company was bankrupted and […]