Mineirao Stadium in Brazil studded with PV rooftop Installations The Mineirao Stadium in Brazil has installed  1.4 MW rooftop solar power. This stadium is all set to host the Confederations Cup semifinal between Brazil and Uruguay on Wednesday. The project was inaugrated in may this year built by Martifer Solar of Portugal. The project also boasts of setting […]

India has awarded 500 MW of solar thermal plants during JNNSM Phase 1, as it gave both solar PV and solar thermal technology an equal boost. However solar thermal technology is losing out to solar PV even during 2011; and we had pointed it out that giving solar thermal technology too much money did not […]

It is now time for West Bengal to get “Solarized” As per the new order by Calcutta High Court, all civic bodies in West Bengal need to ensure that all high rises install solar panels on their roofs within the next four months. The power utilities in the state are also required to generate or purchase […]

Is the quality of Solar Modules compromised today Just when the entire world is getting “solarized“, has crept in another issue regarding the quality standards of the solar modules used. The manufacturers in the race to cut costs have started compromising on quality of the solar panels. It has been reported by many testing centers […]

Tamil Nadu’s new Subsidy for Rooftop Installations The Indian State of Tamil Nadu had set a target of 350 MW of solar rooftop installation by 2015. To support this initiative, the state recently announced Rs. 20,000 subsidy per kilowatt, subject to a maximum of 10,oo0 rooftop installations. This subsidy is over and above the subsidy […]

Solar Panel Farms in Ghana It has been reported that a UK solar developer Blue Energy has got approval to build a giant 155 MW solar panel plant in Ghana. This solar farm will be the biggest solar installation in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. The company has already got the […]