Panasonic halts Solar Panel Expansion Panasonic the iconic Japanese conglomerate which manufactures a mind boggling variety of products is facing the same fate as that of Sharp. Note Sharp which is amongst the top 5 global producer of solar panels announced a massive cutback of its solar manufacturing and retreat from Europe. This was done […]

In recent years we have seen financial crises have become a common occurrence in the global economy and the countries, especially the emerging markets have been feeling the tremors largely. The increasing frequency of crises has been creating an environment of panic for the stakeholders. Under such situations financial policies of companies safeguard the organization […]

The mobile phone market has changed radically in the last few years with the advent of Apple’s iPhone. The introduction of the Apple smartphone was a major game change in the Technology Industry with the whole existing ecosystem undergoing a fundamental realignment. The once dominant Nokia with a 40% global marketshare of the mobile phone […]

Nokia’s Stock Price has fallen by more than 50% in the last 2 years and have stayed at the same level despite a huge 40% Global Mobile Marketshare.Despite a Tech Resurgence,Nokia’s stock has wallowed in its all time lows.Repeated Restructuring,Losing out to competition in India,Failure to keep up with Apple has made this a “pity stock”.However its recent deal with Intel to launch Meego,a new CEO and N8 had given hopes to Nokia Faithful.However teething problems like the exit of the Smartphone Chief and delays in N8 has made those hopes recede.Also Nokia has unresolved Software issues as it tries to balance between 2 competing platforms of Symbian and Meego.It has decide on 1 platform and put all its effort there.Customers are cagey about buying phones with Operating Systems without a large Developer Support and Apps.The Ovi Store with just 13k apps is no match to iPhone’s 250k apps.Its time for Nokia to put renewed efforts in order to resurrect its declining fortunes.

Nokia has been losing the smartphone wars to RIMM,Apple and Google . Despite having a long history,R&D and supply chain in the mobile handset market,it has lost the initiative to these  technology behemoths.With a pleothera of new entrants lining up new devices , Nokia chances of regaining its dominant position and reversing its marketshare losing […]