Indian Sugar Industry Indian sugar industry is among one of the most important segment in commodity markets and is also the main drivers for the country’s rural economy. India currently enjoys the second place in the producer’s list in the whole world just behind Brazil. Apart from this it also supports over 50 million farmers […]

The Indian Real Estate Market saw a massive boom in the period between 2004 and 2008 alongwith the global real estate bubble. However after that the industry has been going through a down cycle particularly related to the volumes and sentiments. Though the prices have not come down, the volumes in key markets like Mumbai […]

As part of the World Health Organization’s “Health Care for All by 2000,” the Indian government is working to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care. India aims to increase the number of hospital beds, increase new hospital construction, and acquire advanced technologies, substantially.Domestic production consists primarily of low technology products, & the demand for high technology devices is met predominantly by imports. At present, the three leading exporters of medical devices to India are the United States, Japan, and Germany. India still relies on foreign involvement for high-technology and highly specialized areas such as equipment for plastic surgery, cancer diagnosis and medical imaging.

Corruption in India seems to be throwing up a new character everyday with almost all the major institutions – judiciary,executive,corporates,bureaucrats,media being tainted by it.The latest to join the corruption bandwagon is the US Food MNC Kraft specifically its subsidiary Cadbury.Note Carbury is one the biggest chocolate brands in India and has been present in the Indian market for a long time.The Corruption Charges are said to be in minor in nature as SEC is probing whether Cadbury gave bribes to set up a manufacturing plant in India.I would be surprised if they managed to set up a plant in India without giving a bribe.India’s bureaucrats are notoriously corrupt and the venality has only increased despite numerous scams and scandals being exposed.