Whirlpool Corporation Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances Headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States Listed in Fortune 500 Annual revenue of approximately $18.4 billion Employs more than 70,000 employees More than 70 manufacturing and technology research centres around the world Whirlpool Corporation surpassed Electrolux to become “the […]

Air conditioning has almost become a necessity in India, owing to the hot and humid weather conditions in India. Almost all the electronic and home appliance companies now are manufacturing and marketing ACs. Gone are the days of the primitive & huge window ACs in India, the modern day ACs come in a wide range from split to cassette, packaged unit to slimpak etc. There are also internet enabled & sensory ACs.

Prices of Air Conditioners

In India the lowest priced ACs can be had at Rs 12000-13000 which are of a 1 ton size and can be bought from good brands like Samsung and LG.The price range can go upto Rs 30-35000 for better Japanese brands which have higher energy efficiency and premium features.This is the general price range for ACs in India though you some companies like Sharp,General sell even higher priced ACs touting their better quality.But India being a highly price sensitive market lower priced ACs sell more.Earlier Spilt ACs used to be priced much higher but with companies lowering the prics to the Rs 18-20000 range,split ACs have been selling more increasing their marketshare in India.

Every home these days is full of modern appliances that are available in the market. With every day that passes by, technology is getting evolved and so are the home appliances. Hence in the present age of technology it is extremely crucial that a home has most of the necessary appliances of the modern day. These appliances have made our life a lot easier and comfortable. More importantly the lives of the people at the present are very much fast paced. Thus at times like this the advanced home appliances help us to save time as well as energy. The common appliances that we use in our everyday lives are juicer, mixer, micro wave ovens, grinders, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs etc.The Indian market is growing at the fastest pace in the world right now with the growng middle class spending rapidly in acquiring these appliances.Some Companies like LG and Samsung have made massive inroads into the Indian market winning huge marketshares.Japanese and US electrical appliance companies have been slow to get off the blocks giving the first mover advantage to the Koreans.Domestic Indian companies like Godrej,Onida and others have also lost out in the marketshare despite giving a good fight in the initial stages.However the massive size of the Indian market has made it imperative for every global electrical appliance company to invest in India.However sales and distribution remains the most important thing to penetrate the Indian electrical appliance market.