BASEL II BASEL II is a new capital adequacy framework designed by the BASEL Committee of Banking Supervision. It is mandated for all the scheduled commercial banks in India by the apex bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to safeguard the banks from going bankrupt and to help them maintain adequate liquidity. BASEL Capital Accord […]

Capital Market Growth It is undoubtedly true that last century has seen a tremendous growth of interaction and participation of the world. Be it in terms of economics, society, culture, or politics, participation from major economies improved continuously and this helped in the designing of policy reforms of economies for faster growth. If we talk […]

India and Global Economy The mood of the global economy is better currently, as compared to the previous years. If the entire euro zone is taken into consideration, the financial market looks stable currently. There is a need for the government to find ways of working in a more coordinated manner, to sought a balance […]

Amendment in Banking Laws The Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 is an importance milestone in the banking industry and it is expected to reap long term profit for the sector and for the economy as well. The bill has taken into consideration the importance of financial reforms which is the need of hour for the […]

Growth vs. Inflation The controversial inflation-growth trade-off has been widely researched upon, both theoretically and empirically since the conception of the Phillips Curve which elucidates the negative relation between inflation and the level of unemployment. In the present Indian scenario, the Inflation Vs Growth debate has assumed renewed importance and significance. In light of the […]

Bank Credit If we talk about the credit system prevailing in Indian economy, we see that the non-food credit or the amount lent by the bank to the Individuals and companies have shown a rising spree growing 16% Y-o-Y. The credit is reported as Rs 48.54 Lakh Crore as of December 15, 2012. The loan […]