Why Polysilicon Producers Are Facing Issues The whole solar supply chain has been hit in the last few months as overcapacity and lower demand has formed a deadly cocktail for the industry.  As per Bernreuter Research, the industry saw a huge increase in capacity to more than 350,000 tons in 2015 growing almost by 15% […]

GCL which is the world’s largest producer of polysilicon with a capacity of more than 70,000 tons per year is set to become even bigger after it buys SunEdison’s polysilicon plant and technology. GCL will also receive SunEdison’s proprietary wafer technology which it can develop further. GCL also owns 30% of the world’s wafer capacity […]

China and Taiwan to account for 90% of Global Supply The Chinese solar industry has been making global media headlines as USA imposed a duty on Chinese solar panel imports. A trade war was averted with Europe after both sides reached a last minute deal. Under the deal China is restricted to sell only 7 […]

Ill Effects of Global Solar Trade Wars The globalized nature of our economy has unexpected side effects for workers and companies. Though globalization has brought prosperity and an increased standard of living for a lot of people, it has also raised the risks that entities faced due to black swan events. USA imposed a duty […]

The Peaks and Troughs of Polysilicon Prices China saw a large number of polysilicon plants getting built during the post 2008 solar boom phase, when polysilicon prices ruled at $400/kg. This raw material which is the main component of silicon solar panels saw its price rise exponentially, as demand outstripped supply by a huge margin. […]

China Polysilicon Industry on a Brink China has become the world’s greatest solar manufacturer in just 4 years as its state backed companies invested billions of dollars into the business. The country’s low cost labor and capital quickly became the world’s biggest by massively driving down costs of making solar wafers, cell and panels. Most […]