Crude Oil Crude oil prices has hovered somewhere close to $110a barrel for past one year, however the price dipped below $100 in the recent past and brought a cheer and sigh of relief for several countries. One of the countries with happy face was definitely India, as it is the largest importer of oil to […]

Some simple rules of the road, rather than some sweeping theory about institutions or geography, will determine India’s economic success over the visible time horizon. Why do Nations Rise and Fall This is the question which draws a lot of attention not only from academic point of view, but also for the stakeholders related to a nation. Stakeholders may […]

Accenture PLC Accenture PLC (Accenture) is a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Corporate Profile Founded in 1989 Offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 54 countries The Company’s business includes five operating groups, which together consist of 19 industry groups Employs over 2,57,000 employees globally as of 2012 Headquartered in Dublin, […]

 Major Developments Post Policy Change of 1990 There is hardly any aspect of economic life which is not altered since the inception of the new policy in the year 1990’s. The twin forces of globalization and deregulation have breathed a new life full of motivation and energy to private business. The most important aspect of […]

India & China to be they key for Global Economy Growth Two of the major emerging economies namely India and China, will remain to be the key for the growth of global economy for the year 2013. The two Asian economies will be the focus center for the world economy to grow by even a […]

Inflation It is expected that the rising inflation, which is the cause of slowdown in the nation’s growth; may ease somewhat in the year 2013, owing to easing supply which was quite stubborn in the year 2012. The efforts by Government and RBI to control inflation went in vain and the regulatory bodies were unsuccessful […]