Packaging Industry The packaging industry will register strong earnings growth driven by buoyant end-user demand. If we take the historical data and compare the performance of Packaging stocks, we find them to have outperformed the S&P CNX Nifty over the past three and five years. The industry show a negative performance last year with negative […]

Coal is one of the cheapest and most important sources of energy, responsible for 41% of electricity productionworldwide. In many important countries like India,China,Germany,USA,Coal is the primary source of electricity and energy.Other smaller countries also heavily rely on coal for example Poland 94% , South Africa 92%, China for 77% and Australia for 76%.Coal has played this a pivotal role in the development of mankind and his progress into the Industrial Age.Coal is an essential raw material and fuel for important global industries like Cement and Steel.Different qualities of Coal are used for different purposes.For example coking coal with higher carbon percentage is used in Steel Production while Thermal Coal is used in Production of Electricity.It was during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries that demand for coal surged. Coal is responsible for almost a quarter of the global energy production,41% of the Electricity Production and more than 60% for Steel Making.Here is a list of the Major Uses of Coal

The growth in Pharmaceutical companies has been tremendous in India. It is the second largest growing sector in country dominating the $8 billion domestic pharma market which is growing at around 15-16% pa. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in the world.Mergers and acquisitions have become an increasingly important feature of this industry with foreing pharma giants like Merck,Pfizer,Daiichi looking to buy these fast growing small Indian companies.The recent buyouts of Piramal by Abbott and Ranbaxy by Daiichi reflects the desire of Pharma MNCs to inorganically grow their generics strength.This has raised some concerns amongst the Indian government about the independence of the Pharma Industry.However pharma companies are proliferating taking advantage of India’s low cost technical workforce to grow at breakneck speed.. A broad overview of the pharma companies based on the revenue generated in 2007 & market cap is given below: