Bitcoins Bitcoins are a form of “e-money” which is made of complex code created with the help of computer. Process of creating Bitcoin is called mining and it can be carried out by anyone with the help of a computer. Bitcoin is free from central bank intervention and is a promising form of electronic cash. […]

Bitcoin Bitcoin also known as BTC is a kind of digital currency which was first described in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was known as an anonymous P2P electronic payment system, which was aimed to minimize the use of Paper currency. Bitcoin is not maintained or managed by any central authority and its creation is […]

Online Banking With the increased use of Internet, a variety of avenues and  facilities have been opened for the masses. It gives us access to facilities like shopping, booking tickets, making payments etc. The biggest advantage of using internet is that one does not need to go out anywhere, he can do all his chores […]