Solar News 1) Panasonic to close its solar cell factory in Hungary. Approximately 500 jobs to be affected. 2) Conergy takes steps ahead to file insolvency. Payment delays in one of the PV projects resulted in the company’s liquidity. 3) Juwi installs solar plants in Japan and France. ~50 MW of PV in France and 1 MW rooftop […]

Solar News 1)Pure play monocrystalline wafer producer Comtec solar (listed in HK) plans to build a massive 1 Gigatwatt N-type mono wafer plant in Malaysia ( avoid duties?) 2)Indian solar energy Renewable Energy Certificate prices fall as supply hits aneamic demand in the market. Now at floor price of 15c/Kwh. Don’t think it will go […]

Solar News 1) TSMC and Solar Frontier release high efficiency CIGs solar thin film modules with efficiency around 15% 2) GTM sees module costs at just 36c/watt by 2017 from best in class solar panel companies 3) Solar on new home becomes a growing trend in California with 20% new home installing solar which raises the value considerably […]

1) Renewable Energy limits in Bulgaria. The maximum working capacity of all PV and wind plants on the territory to be limited by 40%. 2) Kuwait to invest in alternative clean energy to save more crude for export. Kuwait does not generate any power from clean sources till date. 3) Paris based Solairedirect Energy to set up 5.6MW solar park in […]

Solar News 1) LDK Solar continues to implode with a gargantuan $187 million quarter loss with net margin of -180% 2) Canadian Solar wins a huge 130 MW contract in Ontario from Samsung 3) Ontario restricts solar energy to 500 KW plants or lower only, good decision in my view 4) Jinko Solar hits the ball out of the […]

1) 2013 Results Out for Major Companies: i) Jinko Solar  ii) Canadian Solar iii) Daqo New Energy 2) LDK Solar Prepares its Earnings Report 3) Japanese Demand surges Jinko Solar Stock 4) Form 8-K Submission by the following: i) SolarCity Corp. ii) Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. iii) GT Advanced Technologies Inc.