Indian Telecom Industry The Telecom Industry in India has been facing multiple problems of 1) massive 2G scandal in which many telecom companies in India lost their licenses to operate 2) hyper competition with many new companies entering and starting a price war and 3) high spectrum fees imposed for 3G spectrum. 1) India has […]

Smart Phone Industry When you talk of the smartphone market, the talk is all about Apple and Samsung who have cornered over half of the global smartphone market making billions of dollars in net profits in the process. Erstwhile leaders like Nokia and Research in Motion are now fighting for survival as they failed to […]

The Indian Government had blacklisted Huawei and ZTE earlier this year on Security Concerns.These Firms were said to have close relations with the Chinese Government and Intelligence Agencies had raised a red flag about potential security breaches in critical communication infrastructure.This had led to a lot of  to and fro with Telecom Operators and Chinese […]

While US-China relations remain normal with the biggest trade relationship  in the world,there is always an undercurrent of mistrust between the world’s two largest economies.Chinese companies have been repeatedly blocked from acquiring US assets and technology due to Security Concerns.This is quite notable as US does not normally reject any foreign takeovers of its companies.Recently […]

Huawei faces blacklisting from India on Security Concerns Huawei has been blacklisted by the Indian government from supplying telecom equipment due to security concerns.Despite strong lobbying by the Chinese government and Indian telecom operators,Chinese telecom equipment firms have been effectively frozen out of the world’s fastest growing telecom market.Huawei has also faced push-back from the […]

Huawei and ZTE,the two Chinese telecom equipment makers keep making headlines for all the wrong reasons.These 2 firms have won over a large amount of marketshare in the past 5 years in the telecom equipment space through their lower priced products.However foreign countries view both firms with suspicion because of their close ties with the […]