According to a native American proverb, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” This means that it is pretty necessary for us to take care of mother nature so that our coming generation will be able to enjoy the soothing and healing beauty of the Earth. But […]

The campaign to shield the environment and safeguard the planet has been our collective goal since its inception. Everyone, including businesses, families, learners, and the government, has the responsibility to tame their actions and creations to keep the environment safe. The combined effort from different pioneers has seen the invention of sustainable ways to aid […]

ReGen Villages Paving way for the Future The rising problem of population explosion is looming over mankind today. With an increasing number of people, on earth, there is a problem of feeding more mouths and generating more jobs for idle hands. Another issue that is complementary to these is the non-availability of basic necessities like […]