Taking note of the effect human life has on the planet is becoming ever more important for businesses as time passes.  It is clear that we have to find a new way to live here on Earth that doesn’t draw so heavily on its nonrenewable resources.   Even the oil and gas industry, which has been […]

Ever wondered the amount of emission that we contribute to in our daily lives. Using even the basic necessities can increase our carbon footprint. Here’s an article which explains how we can reduce polluting the environment by choosing a green mattress. Also, read How to Go Green with Your Giveaways? There are a lot of different […]

Green Giveaways Giving away promotional items is a popular way for most businesses and companies to give their brand some exposure and to get their brand into the hands of its attendees. This practice, however, can have a significant impact on the environment. Do not be the company whose name appears on giveaway items which […]