Polysilicon Price  Crash Polysilicon which is the most used raw material for manufacture of solar panels has crashed to unheard of levels as the capacity glut drives prices below even variable costs. Note costs are made up of fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs are those which cannot be reduced by reducing production while […]

Foxconn & GCL together in China The world’s biggest solar wafer producer GCL has tied up with electronic OEM giant Foxconn to build the largest solar power plant in China. GCL is going to supply solar wafers which will be processed by Foxconn to solar cells and assembled into solar PV panels. Around 1 million […]

The Polysilicon Companies have seen an amazing amount of profits in the period between 2008-2011 end as prices of polysilicon shot up to $400/kg which resulted in profit margins of greater than 90% which is superlative for what is an essentially a commodity. Major Polysilicon companies like Wacker expanded capacity by leaps and bounds funding […]