Indonesia A Silent Competitor Indonesia is situated in the largest continent Asia in its south eastern region and consists of a large archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, with more than whooping 13000 islands. Indonesia total land area measures 1.9 million square kilometres, which is eight times the area of United Kingdom. […]

Is student Loan really the cause of next financial crisis The question might seem a little absurd, but it’s worth taking a look. It is reported that over $120 Billion in Federal Student Loans is in default and thus it can be the reason for the next financial crisis globally. One question that has always […]

In recent years we have seen financial crises have become a common occurrence in the global economy and the countries, especially the emerging markets have been feeling the tremors largely. The increasing frequency of crises has been creating an environment of panic for the stakeholders. Under such situations financial policies of companies safeguard the organization […]