Mahindra & Mahindra is a leading diversified automobile company in India with a presence across a wide range of products ranging from SUVs, two- and three-wheelers, pickups, and commercial vehicles, to tractors, farm equipment, and electric vehicles.  The company was founded in 1945 and is a flagship of the Mahindra Group, a reputed business conglomerate […]

There’s no doubt that electric vehicles can be beneficial for the environment. In fact, one electric car can save up to 1.5 million grams of C02 every year. We all know EVs are good for the planet but are they economically viable?  The true cost of electric charging is the question on everyone’s mind, but the […]

Electric and Hybrid Cars though claimed to be a green alternative to our normal gasoline powered cars are not truly green. The reason is that the electric power used to run these vehicles come from burning of mostly fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. This means that the fuel that is powering these cars […]