India has got one of the most highly respected diasporas in the globe with the US Indian community being the richest immigrate community. Indians tend to do much better outside the country, as India has cumbersome regulations and constraints which stifle talent and hard work. A top German publication recently came down hard on the […]

Availability of Cheap Labor and Technological Advancement leads to Joblessness Labor around the world has got squeezed by multiple forces beyond its control. The relentless and rapid technological development along with globalization has pauperized the low skilled workforce around the world. Companies and top management are continuously squeezing the workforce to extract the last drop […]

The Saga of Corruption And Misgovernance in India We have been massively bearish on the Indian stock markets for a long time now citing the huge mis-governance and corruption that afflicts the entire economy. During the credit fueled boom in the early 2000s, these problems got shoved down the carpet, leading to high valuations to […]

China has massively over-invested in its industrial infrastructure in the last decade, as negative real interest rates have fueled extreme mal-investment in some industries. Steel, shipbuilding, aluminum, solar panels and wind turbines are some of the industries where companies globally have become sick. China created massive capacities in these industries due to low rates and […]

We are in era where the only thing which is certain is uncertainty. The world economy is facing one of the tough times and the development is slowed down. For the developing economy like India, growth has slowed down to a great extent and the macroeconomic data is not impressive either. We are in a […]

India has a large and diverse agriculture sector and the farm output is one of the highest, making India rank second in the world. States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal have contributed significantly in agriculture. However, agriculture sector in India is facing several issues and there […]