Music is something that we all love. It’s like a universal language that brings us closer together, no matter where we’re from. And as we’ve honed our skills in crafting musical instruments over time, we’ve started to focus more on being kinder to the planet too.  Today, we will discuss four really neat materials being […]

Solar Panels are now available from hundreds of different manufacturers using different technologies like crystalline Silicion,CIGs and Cd-Te.The Solar Panels Efficiency also varies a lot depending on the solar panel manufacturer and the technology used.The cost of the solar panel can also vary a lot depending on the retailer,size of the solar panel,technology and the brand.This makes buying solar panels a confusing problem though most residential and commercial buyers are not involved leaving the decision to the solar installer/EPC company.Sunpower is a US company which makes the most efficient solar panels using its monocrystalline solar cell technology which gives efficiency of more than 24%.The company sells black solar panels with efficiency of 18-20% .The company is a solar system integrator and developer as well building some of the largest solar farms in the US.The company was recently bought by the French Oil Giant Total.Sunpower operates in all the main segments of the market and has reputation for selling some of the highest quality solar panels in the country.

The Internet is full of websites that advertize and give you steps on how to make solar panels.In fact DIY (Do it Yourself) Solar Panels has become almost a regular industry in training common people to make solar panels at their homes.The reason given is that building solar panels at your home is much cheaper than buying solar panels from wholesalers.There are numerous books as well that you can buy on amazon that have diy solar panels.These books have nothing but a manual on how to solder solar cells together to make a solar panel.You can pretty much get this for free from any of the credible solar websites.However DIY Solar Panels throws up tons of books and website advertizements that seemingly would make you into a wizard solar panel maker.The truth is far from what these charlatans say.Solar Cell and Solar Panel prices have fallen drastically in the last few years.In fact you can buy very good solar panels from China and other places.In fact you can buy very good quality Japanese solar panels from Sharp or Sanyo at $600 for a 200 watt solar panel.

Solar Cells are the basic building blocks of solar panels which are used to generate electricity from the sun.Note Solar Cells are made from Solar Wafers which are composed of Polysilicon the same material which is used to make your Electronic Products like iPods.While most people will never encounter Solar Cells since they buy and see Solar Panels,some enthusiasts want to make their own DIY Solar Panels.While in my opinion DIY Solar Panels are a Scam for people who are trying to save money ,its nonetheless a good thing for students and adopters.Its gives you an idea about how solar energy is converted into electricity.Note making solar cells is almost impossible for the layman so building your own solar panels requires you to buy solar cells.Nowadays solar panel prices have crashed making it easier to buy cheap solar cells on the market.

Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells is the dominant Solar Cell Manufacturing Process in which a highly purified form of Polysilicon is converted through a series of process into a small Solar Cell capable of converting solar energy into electrical energy.Note Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells are closely related to Mutlicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells differentiated only in terms of efficiency and cost.Monocrystalline Solar Technology uses a single crystal of Silicon which means less defects and higher efficiency in solar cells built from Monocrystalline Solar Wafers.

PV Solar Cells or Photovoltaic Solar Cells are the building blocks of Solar Panels which are used to generate electricity from the Sun in residential or commercial establishments.Solar Cells are made of crystalline silicon the same substance that is used to make semiconductors which go into making of electronic products.Note Thin Film Solar Cells are not found for practical purposes as Thin FIlm Solar Production generally is a one step continuous process in which the whole solar panel is produced.On the other hand c-Si production is a 5 step process in which Solar Cells is the intermediate product of the 4th stage and goes as input to making of solar modules/panels.Solar Cells can be bought and made into Solar Panels as PV Solar Cells don’t have much of a standalone usage.Note Buying Solar Cells and making DIY Solar Panels does not make much sense as it adds little value and does not save money.You are better off buying Solar Panels from affordable solar panel manufacturers.