Smart Grid Companies A smart grid is an electrical grid, that is┬ádigitally enabled to procure & distribute information in order to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of electrical devices. It involves the application of digital processing and communications to the power grid. A smart grid replaces analog mechanical meters with digital meters that record […]

India’s Energy Storage Market is seeing strong action from foreign MNCs looking to grab a piece of this fast growing market. India’s Electricity Situation is quite bad with huge deficits and problems across the whole supply chain starting from fuel to the end distribution. A Huge Segment of the Population has to depend on privately generated power to meet their energy needs. Storage of power becomes essential for places where power goes off for 8-10 hours a day. Using Lead Acid Batteries is the only cheap option in these cases as running a diesel genset my not be convenient for a home. UPS companies have been doing great business in the country for a long time and will continue to do so.

US Energy Utilities have been buying up Green Companies at a rapid clip these days taking advantage of the fall in valuations of Green Companies recently.Exelon bought Deere’s Wind Assets while NRG Energy bought Green Mountain Energy.Constellation Energy already has around 10% of its 9 GW of Electricity Capacity being sourced from Green Sources.Its Smart Grid buy is synergistic to is Energy Trading Core Business.It will help in expanding its customer base and sourcing new opportunities.For CPower Investors which are mainly PE players,it would be a good exit as competition in the Demand Response is increasing .