Indian Commodity Market After internet becoming the buzzword for the common people there has been a considerable rise in investments in the commodity market. Commodity Market deals with the trading of raw materials which includes both the Agri and Non Agri Products. India being a growing and agriculture based economy has a vast dimension in […]

Indian Commodity Market Constituents of Indian Commodity Market Commodity market likewise the stock market is having two constituents namely the spot market and the derivative market. Spot Market – Market where the commodities are bought and sold for immediate delivery Derivative Market – various financial instruments are traded in the stock exchange. Difference between Commodity […]

Commodity Markets India The shallow commodity markets in India are being blatantly manipulated by industry cartels and big brokers who through hoarding and circular trading are jacking up the prices of crucial agricultural commodities. Note last prices of guar gum and guar seed had gone up by an astounding 10x as some powerful agri-trading firms […]

Note it would not be surprising if the allegations were true as the Indian stock market is a pump and dump heaven of IPOs with blatant manipulation by market operators.Price Rigging Rings are also present with mid cap and small cap scams happening with an alarming regularity.With Corruption touching a new high,the Supreme Court has taken over the investigation of the Telecom Scam Probe from the Government.This has led the CBI which is mostly a ruling party puppet to question some top billionaires and politicians.However it remains to be seen if some of the top fish are caught or just some small scapegoats are imprisoned.