Bitcoin Bitcoin also known as BTC is a kind of digital currency which was first described in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was known as an anonymous P2P electronic payment system, which was aimed to minimize the use of Paper currency. Bitcoin is not maintained or managed by any central authority and its creation is […]

Growth vs. Inflation The controversial inflation-growth trade-off has been widely researched upon, both theoretically and empirically since the conception of the Phillips Curve which elucidates the negative relation between inflation and the level of unemployment. In the present Indian scenario, the Inflation Vs Growth debate has assumed renewed importance and significance. In light of the […]

Liquidity Standards for Banks The International banks rejoiced when the regulator announced the first ever global liquidity standards, after New Year. The regulator announced that the liquidity standards will be less onerous than expected and will also not be fully implemented until 2019, which is 4 years late than the general expectation. This was quite […]

Why RBI refrained from Rate Cuts The Central bank of India, the RBI refrained from reducing rates since April 2012. The apex bank cited the high risk of inflation which might increase owing to the fact of rising fiscal deficit. RBI re-iterated that rate cuts alone cannot boost growth, unless the government implements economic reforms […]

In the crucial financial time, where the cash flow in the economy seems to decrease and poor performance of the stock market and the Indian economy as a whole, with a mere GDP growth of 5-6%, the relevance of the country’s Central Bank have degraded largely. These days too much is being made of the […]

Cash Reserve Ratio Of late we have been hearing about the ongoing debate in the Indian economy pertaining to CRR. One of the best suggestions recently came from the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, C. Rangarajan. Mr. Rangarajan suggested on phasing out the cash reserve ratio (CRR) requirements of banks and using […]