About Short Oil ETFs – Investing in Oil ETF is an easy way to invest in oil without hoarding oil barrels in one’s warehouse. Oil companies are getting rich by the day, because of huge demand of oil globally. In the recent years, the ETFs have expanded magnificently. There are a lot of options available […]

Oil 3x ETFs are leveraged Exchange Traded Funds designed to seek daily investment results, before fees and expenses, of 300% of the performance of the benchmark index that they track. In the case of a bear fund, it is 300% of the inverse of the performance. Oil is one of the most important commodities in […]

The Crap continues to hit the Indian Primary Market with another Junk¬† Microcap trying to raise $11 mm from the market.The company will dilute around 48% of its total holdings to give it a market cap of around Rs 100 crore.The investment bank for this issue is Chartered Capital which¬† arguably brought out the crappiest […]

India has seen a flurry of IPO’s in the current month of September 2010 as the companies IPOing in this month will not have to submit the June end quarter financials.A Number of good IPOs have been mixed with a number of bad ones.However SEA TV Network is the crappiest of the lot by a […]

The recent sharp correction in the S&P and other US indices has been the biggest since the March 2009 Rally.The US and other Global Stock Markets have rallied between 70-100% on average along with other “risky assets” like Commodities,Junk Bonds,Emerging Market Currencies etc.However the Greek Contagion has led to a steep fall with S&P down […]